What to do when you lost your Twitter password

At past, when you want to recover your deleted account seems to be impossible because there it would get deleted up permanently. But at present it is not as like that when you really know how to recover twitter account. To restore the account back follow the given instruction that had been given as follows. There is a need for you to send an email to the restore at twitter dot com. When you are sending the email to them, there is a need for you to include up all the relevant details like your username and password, this would be helpful for them to restore your account, in that you have to subject up to the “restore my deleted account”. These steps would be useful for you to restore the account that you had done 4 to 6 weeks for your account. They can sure able to help you to get your account back within a short span of time.

After recovering when you wish to make use of the same email address to make use of them again then there is a need for you to wait for 30 days for getting activated. The only accounts that you cannot able to recover is that the account that you had accessed illegally.

Steps that you can do for changing up your password

When you know how to restore your twitter account then you can even help your friends who face problem in recovering your accounts. After log in you can change up your password this would act as a security for your account that you are making use of it.

  • From the account that you are logged in your account there you have to click on the profile icon that is found in the upper right hand corner of your screen and select up your setting and privacy.
  • There you can find out a password tab there you can enter the current password. There is a need for you to give the new password. After that save up your changes then the next time when you are using you can make use of another password that you had changes.

Once after recovering your account you can able to access your account whenever you want and start twitting up your favorite once and start sharing up about your life and enjoy. This would act as a golden opportunity for you rejoin your relationship and lead a happy life.

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