Sewing – A Way to Connect with Yourself and Get Relaxed

Sewing can be mentally stimulating and meditative, studies have shown that the sewing can help you to reduce the stress and other kinds of the illness. In this modern fast paced life, sewing is a great way to connect with yourselves, stimulate your brain and use some creativity for finding the different cloth designs. Sewing is a good one for you both mentally and physically and you can translate your idea into play with different textures, achieve balance in your life and you will be having a passion for relaxing just by using the sewing machine. If you have a old sewing machine then try to purchase the advanced one which will help with sewing the clothes and designing it with the good attractive designs.

If you currently do not own a sewing machine and cannot afford buying new one then simply purchase the needle and thread and start to do cross stitch, embroidery or just plan for the plain hand stitching. By doing this you can create a lot of new designs and improve your creativity and you can become an expert cloth designer.

Right way to clean your sewing machine

It is recommended that you should clean your sewing machine after using your machine for a while or at least once in a year. To keep your work area clean you should lay down something under the machine to collect the waste clothes and to prevent the dirt and oil from getting everything dirty. The following are some of the things which you need to use for cleaning your sewing machine. They are:

  • Fine steel wool
  • Q-tips
  • Oil specifically made for sewing machine
  • Toothpicks
  • Cotton lint free fabric
  • Kerosene
  • A small toothbrush

Please be cautious that you do not use alcohol for cleaning your sewing machine because it will ruin the finish and paint on your machine but when you the lint free cotton fabric it will remove the entire excess grease residue off of your machine.

The grease is hardened due to not maintaining your sewing machine for some time and in order to wipe or breakdown the grease just marinate the grease with a tiny bit of the kerosene and allow it for some time for the grease to dissolve. If you do not properly clean your sewing machine then it will be often get stuck into the problem and create many issues while stitching the clothes.

If you are looking how to learn the basic skills of sewing go to Teach You To Sew. They do an excellent job at delivering information in digestible easy-to-understand manner that every newbie can appreciate.

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