MRE meals – What are MRE meals?

MRE stand for Meal Ready to Eat. When a soldier is away from the base camp, he has to fill up his stomach with the help of MRE. Present day MRE does not include the frozen food packages as used earlier. They have evolved substantially.

XMRE is one of the leading manufacturers in this field. It manufactures decent, delicious meals which meet the daily calorific requirement. The XMRE brand is a little different in that they do not just target only at military personnel. The military constitutes a major part of their clientele, but they also work with emergency rescue operators, campers, relief organizations, and even government organizations.

XMRE products can be eaten warm or cold

Mostly, they are eaten at room temperature. You just need to open the packet and use the spoon packed inside to feed yourself. It would be wrong to expect a grand buffet out of it but it would taste a lot like simple delicacy eaten at home. The food comes in sealed packaging so a good option for hygiene conscious folks.

XMRE meals are one of the best options for the adventurous campers. Kosher option is available. They are the supplies which are light weight and would not add on to the average weight. These emergency essentials evolved over the years to meet the nutritional and other requirements of people exposed to emergency conditions. Such meals come in air tight packaging, so there is no chance of food spoilage. They are a great help specially if you are at a greater distance from a campsite and you are not at all willing to make a fire to cook something. Moreover, cooking at such rugged terrains might not be able to serve your daily nutritional needs. But, all your needs come packed and sealed in the variety of MRE meals available.

Having these advantages and many more, MRE meals are a great option for relief people in emergency situations. Such meals may be full course meals, side dishes or snacks as well. And, if you are willing to enjoy these meals warm, that is also possible.

MRE lite meals are freshly packed with around 600-900 calories of the best nutritional components available in the market and the packing is waterproof. The waterproof packing is an added advantage as it reduces the chances of spoilage of the food.

Hence, the next time you are planning to go for any camping or you are a part of a relief organization, MRE meals should be included as a part of emergency preparedness. 

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