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2016 Rome Marathon

On the other day, Jag told me: “it is seen that now the correct training method is that of extremes, that running in zone 2 and 3 does not make sense. Long smooth runs combined with quality training.” It would have been good that I had explained this just before the Marathon, I would have gone with more confidence, I had not followed a very specific planning, but precisely the long shot with calmness had made the BCN marathon doing a hare 4 hours later and I was killed in series (I knew the volume was, now was the rate).

It is also true that the Gavela test, done at 3.30, concluded that I would do it and with some margin, and it has always worked for me. But let’s leave figures, in Rome we were going to do much more than a Marathon.

After Barcelona 2015, we looked for Willy, Pepe, Edu and Ignasi with a common goal and we did not find any better than going to Rome, we did not think so much and soon we had tickets and the inscriptions made. The Bea pointed out “since I’m there, I run.” With last-minute additions, up to 12 friends, we presented ourselves in the Italian capital.

Marathon: What do you want to say, if Barcelona is 10, because I think it is, Rome is 7. We did not like the registration (a real agony of forms), neither the collection of the number nor the exit ( the Bea and I in the same drawer) and not even the route is far from that of Barcelona. It is true that it has celestial moments such as going through St. Peter’s Square, but many mediocre kms. Whatever the good overcomes the bad and therefore very recommendable.

The competition: From the first moment with Ignasi, we said that we would fight for 3.30 and so we did, leftovers until 25 and at a correct pace until 32, then it could not be and I continued alone. An edge point made me enjoy the first one at the last km and that, for me, is what counts now. I can assure you that I had changed many minutes because my colleagues had fulfilled goals, they had it on their legs but sometimes things did not go away.

La Bea: The training had not given him neither the confidence nor the rhythm to get MMP and therefore I recommended going to enjoy and he did. I could accompany her for the last 5km and took a good pace, I did not crack. I admire it.

The Trip: Without a doubt the most important thing. It was great, up and down, visiting, eating and drinking. I think there was a very good feeling and despite being so many we agreed. Rome is a great city to travel, to walk, to chat or to sit as we did in Trastevere listening to live music. Surely there will be more.

Next stop Valencia